VIP Registration

The member will be registered after payment by Paypal. The personal registration is not required. One order, one membership. All configuration for a membership is made automatically.

VIP Login

The first access as a VIP member is made automatically. The next login will be required in our login page. It is very simple for anybody to log in by your email only.

login form

VIP Service

The logged-in member will access the VIP service links shown in the red box of the image below. The first button for PDF embedded in the webpage online to browse, read, download,copy and print. The second link only for download immediately.

vip service

PDF embedded in webpage

The PDF document has been embedded in the webpage for VIP members. The PDF file can be browsed, read, searched, copied, printed, zoomed, and rotated. Sometimes, The existing bookmark can be listed for easy fast retrieval.

PDF embedded in the webpage