Download Files

All files in can be downloaded immediately after the specific payment by Paypal. The downloaded file is an original pdf format document. The file need a specific application in computers or mobile devices to open it.

PDF Document

The general application to open pdf file is Adobe Reader. PDF file can be read in free Adobe Reader. Some pdf documents were encrypted and protected for not copying and printing by its originial publisher.
All download links have been encrypted by the ordered information including order transaction, date and time. One download link can be returned after order. One Order, One Download!


All orders can be made by Paypal. The transaction in Paypal is an unique order identification. The refund can be provided based on your complaint.

The Update Policy 2020

The new policy called as The Update Policy 2020 are enforced for better service. The core policy is to focus on PDF document not product model. We have removed lots of pdf documents with the same contents of different file names based on both product models and languages.

  • Focus on the pdf document, not product model
  • Focus on English, not multilingual
  • Focus on consumer electronics, digital products, automobile and household appliance
  • Clear repeated documents with the same content of different file names
  • Keep one pdf file applied to multiple product models and multilingual
  • Non-English user's guide, owner's manual and operating instruction will be delisted.