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The manual was written in by Yamaha. The language is listed as follows: Owner's Manual English. The manual is applied to the following one product model as follows: SHS-200. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of tyrose1.pdf has 176 pages with the file size of 8732474. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Musical Instruments
Type:Instruction Manual
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 8.3 Mb / 176 pages

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Creator: FrameMaker 6.0
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 4.05 for Macintosh
CreationDate: Tue Jul 9 13:49:11 2002
ModDate: Tue Jul 29 21:33:45 2003
Tagged: no
Pages: 176
Encrypted: no
Page size: 595 x 822 pts
File size: 8732474 bytes
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PDF version: 1.5

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Cover


  • Handling the Floppy Disk Drive(FDD) and Floppy Disk

  • Congratulations!

  • Packing List

  • Panel logos

  • How to use the manual

  • Contents

  • Application Index

  • Panel Controls and Terminals

    • Top Panel & Connections
    • Rear Panel & Connections
  • Starting Up

    • Power Supply
    • Optional Speaker
    • Music Rest
    • Turning the Power On/Off
    • Raising and Closing the Display Panel
  • Quick Guide

    • Turning the Power On and Playing the Demos
      • Turning the Power On and Viewing the Main Display
      • Playing the Demos
    • Playing Voices
      • Selecting a Voice (RIGHT1) and playing the keyboard
      • Playing Two or Three Voices Simultaneously
      • Playing Different Voices with the Left and Right Hands
      • Adjusting the Octave Setting
      • Organ Flutes
      • Collecting your favorite voices to the User drive or floppy disk
    • Selecting and Playing a Style — Auto Accompaniment (ACMP)
      • Playing a melody with your right hand and playing chords with your left hand
      • Pattern Variation (Sections)
      • One Touch Setting
      • Adjusting the Volume Balance between the Style and the Keyboard
      • Turning Style Parts On/Off and Changing Voices
      • Playing Styles from Floppy Disks
    • The Multi Pads
      • Playing the Multi Pads
      • Using Chord Match
    • Voice Effects
      • Applying Harmony to Your Right-hand Melody
    • Calling Up Ideal Setups for Your Music — Music Finder
      • Selecting the desired music genre from the Record List
      • Searching the Ideal Setups by Keyword
      • Creating a Set of Favorite Records
    • Song Playback
      • Playback of Song Disks
      • Using Song Position Markers
      • Adjusting the Volume Balance between the Song and the Keyboard
      • Turning Song Parts On/Off
    • Singing with a Connected Microphone
      • Connecting a microphone
      • Singing Along with Lyrics
      • Applying harmony to your voice
    • Keyboard and Vocal Practice using the Guide function
      • Selecting a Guide menu
      • Keyboard Practice using “Follow Lights”
      • Vocal Practice using “Vocal Cue Time”
    • Saving and Recalling Custom Panel Setups — Registration Memory
      • Saving your Panel Setups to a Registration Memory
      • Saving your Registration Memory to the User drive
      • Recalling a Registration Memory Setup
    • Recording Your Performances and Creating Songs — Song Recording
      • Quick Recording
      • Multi Recording
    • Connecting to a Computer
      • Initial Setup
      • Using the Voice Editor
      • Using the File Utility
  • Basic Operations — Organizing Your Data

    • Display-based Controls
      • Help/Display Messages
      • Direct Access — Instant Selection of Displays
      • Basic Structure of File/Folder and Memory Drives
    • Folder/File Operations using the Open/Save Display
      • Creating a New Folder
      • Selecting (Opening) a Folder/File
      • Copying Folders/Files (Copy & Paste)
      • Moving Folders/Files (Cut & Paste)
      • Deleting Folders/Files
      • Saving Files
      • Naming Folders/Files
      • Changing the Open/Save Display View
    • About the Highlight Cursor in the Display
    • About the Panel Button Colors
    • About the Keyboard
      • Keyboard Sections and Their Functions
      • Synchro Start On/Off
    • Function Tree
  • Reference

    • Voices
      • Voices and Keyboard Parts
      • Voice Types
      • Voice Effects
      • Changing Pitch on the TYROS
    • Organ Flutes (Sound Creator)
      • Sound Creator Parameters (Organ Flutes Voices)
    • Voice Creating (Sound Creator)
      • Sound Creator Parameters (Normal Voices)
    • Song Playback
      • Displaying Music Notation
      • Displaying Lyrics
      • Song Position
      • Song Playback Related Parameters
    • Song Creator (Digital Recording)
      • Record Mode Settings (Setting up for Re-recording)
      • Editing Data for each Channel
      • Step Recording for Chord data using the Event List
      • Step Recording for Notes using the Event List
      • Step Recording for System Exclusive Messages using the Event List
      • Step Recording for Lyrics using the Event List
    • Style Playback (Auto Accompaniment)
      • Chord Fingerings
      • Fade In/Out
      • Tempo
      • Synchro Start and Synchro Stop
      • Programmable One Touch Setting (OTS)
      • Instant Style Selection
      • Style Playback Related Settings
    • Style Creator (Digital Recording)
      • Basic Settings and Realtime Recording for each part (channel)
      • Step Recording for Notes using the Event List
      • Assembling a Style from Existing Pattern Data
      • Groove and Dynamics
      • Editing Data for each Channel
      • Making Style File Format Settings
      • Custom Style Recording via an External Sequence Recorder
    • The Multi Pads
      • Multi Pad Editing using the Open/Save display
      • Multi Pad Creating/Editing (Digital Recording)
    • Music Finder
      • Music Finder Record Editing
      • Saving Music Finder Records as a single file
    • Registration Memory
      • Freeze Quick Guide
      • Registration Sequence
    • Using a Microphone
      • Vocal Harmony Edit
      • Talk Setting
      • Microphone Overall Settings
    • Mixing Console
      • Part Settings
      • Song Auto Revoice
      • Effects
      • Equalizer (EQ)
      • Master Compressor
      • Line Out Settings
    • MIDI
      • MIDI System Settings
      • MIDI Transmit Settings
      • MIDI Receive Settings
      • Setting the Chord Root for Style Playback via MIDI receive
      • Setting the Chord Type for Style Playback via MIDI receive
      • MFC10 Settings
    • Making Global and Other Important Settings – Function
      • Tuning
      • Voice Set
      • Video Out Settings
      • Controller
      • Harmony/Echo
      • Other Settings (Utility)
  • Appendix

    • Installing the Optional Speakers
    • Installing an Optional Hard Disk
    • Troubleshooting
    • Glossary
    • Specifications
  • Index

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