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The manual was written in by Yamaha. The language is listed as follows: Owner's Manual English. The manual is applied to the following one product model as follows: PSR-K1. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of psrk1e.pdf has 100 pages with the file size of 7217952. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Musical Instruments
Type:Instruction Manual
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 6.9 Mb / 100 pages

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CreationDate: Fri Feb 6 11:09:13 2004
ModDate: Mon Feb 23 21:11:11 2004
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PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Cover

  • Special Message Section

  • FCC Information


  • Contents

  • Copyright Notice

  • Panel logos

  • Included accessories

  • Display naming conventions

  • Main features of the PSR-K1

  • Setting Up

    • Power Requirements
    • Inserting the SmartMedia card
    • Setting up the included microphone
    • Connecting headphones (PHONES jack)
    • Connecting to external audio devices (OUTPUT R, L terminal)
    • Connecting a foot switch (SUSTAIN jack)
    • Connecting to a computer (USB terminal)
    • Turn on the power
  • Panel Controls and Terminals

    • Front Panel
    • Rear Panel
  • Quick Guide

    • Play like a pro!
      • Playing the Demo Song
      • Selecting and playing with other songs
      • Performance assistant technology - other convenient controls and features
    • Sing along-with the Karaoke features!
      • Select a song and sing
      • Karaoke - other convenient controls and features
      • Sing along with the “electronic” sheet music!
    • Play a variety of different instrument sounds
      • Selecting an instrument sound and playing it
      • Play a drum kit from the keyboard!
      • Other convenient functions
    • Try out the Style
      • Select a style and play
      • Other useful functions
    • Improve your playing skills - with Song Lesson!
      • Start out with Lesson 1 - practicing the timing
      • Lesson 2 - playing the correct notes
      • Lesson 3 - practicing with only one hand
      • Lesson 4 - playing with both hands
  • Basic operations and the LCD display

  • Playing Voices - Related Functions

    • Playing the grand piano settings (Portable Grand)
    • Selecting and playing a voice
    • Playing two different voices together (Dual)
    • Playing different voices with your left and right hands (Split)
    • Using the Metronome
    • Dynamically change the volume by your playing strength (Touch)
    • Adding harmony sounds (Harmony)
    • Applying the Reverb effect
    • Applying the Chorus effect
  • Style Functions

    • Sounding only the percussion
    • Stop Accompaniment function
    • Setting the Style Volume
    • Using external Style Files
    • Playing accompaniment chords
    • Dictionary
  • Memorizing your panel settings

    • Creating (saving) Registration Memory settings
  • Song playback functions

    • Song types
    • Displaying Lyrics
    • Displaying Notation (sheet music)
    • Song Lesson
    • Setting the song volume
    • Changing the melody voice of the song
    • Listen repeatedly to a section of the song
    • Song track structure
  • Making your own song arrangements (Easy Song Arranger)

    • About Easy Song Arranger
    • Using Easy Song Arranger
  • Recording your performances

    • Recording
    • Recording a song
    • Deleting a User song (Song Clear)
    • Deleting a single track of a User song (Track Clear)
  • SmartMedia card file operations

    • About the SmartMedia card file operations
    • Formatting a SmartMedia card
    • File Load
    • Saving User data files
    • Save the User song as a Standard MIDI File
    • Deleting User data files
  • About MIDI

    • What Is MIDI?
    • Connecting to a computer
    • MIDI settings
    • MIDI settings for computer connections (PC Mode)
    • Remote control of MIDI devices
    • Downloading song data
  • Accessory CD-ROM Installation Guide

    • Contents of CD-ROM
    • CD-ROM Installation Procedure
    • Minimum System Requirements
    • For Windows Users
    • For Macintosh Users
  • Function settings

    • Calling up the setting pages
  • Appendix

    • Troubleshooting
    • Messages
    • Saving backup data to SmartMedia card
    • Specifications
    • Voice List
      • Maximum Polyphony
    • Drum Kit List
    • Style List
    • Song List
    • MIDI Implementation Chart
      • Effect map
    • Index