Operating Instruction Summary

The manual was written in by Panasonic. The language is listed as follows: Operating Instruction English. The manual is applied to the following twelve product models as follows: VB44210, VB44210A, VB44220, VB44220A, VB44223, VB44223A, VB44225, VB44230, VB44233, VB44240A, VB44310, VB44320. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of 44240a.pdf has 50 pages with the file size of 2Mb. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

Operating Instruction Information

Category: Telephone and Fax
Model:VB44210, VB44210A, VB44220, VB44220A, VB44223, VB44223A, VB44225, VB44230, VB44233, VB44240A, VB44310, VB44320
Type:Operating Instruction
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 2Mb / 50 pages

PDF File Information

Title: 900 MHz UG.book
Author: xdl2716
Creator: FrameMaker 5.5P4f
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 4.0 for Windows
CreationDate: Wed Jun 13 12:43:01 2001
ModDate: Thu Jun 14 09:29:40 2001
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PDF version: 1.3

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Precautions

  • Checking Your Package

  • Understanding Your Telephone

    • Handset Features
    • Handset Overview
      • Handset Modes
      • Ringer Off Indication
      • Low Battery Warnings
      • Message Waiting Indication
    • Base Station Features
    • Optional Headset (VB-44249HS)
    • Charging Unit (EXP9785)
  • Installing the 900 MHz Cordless Telephone

    • 1. Selecting the Installation Location
    • 2. Connecting the Telephone Cords
      • Connecting the Base Station to the PBX and KeyTelephone
    • 3. Applying Power
      • 3.1 Applying Power to the Base Station
      • 3.2 Applying Power to the Charging Unit
    • 4. Installing the Handset Battery
    • 5. Charging the Handset Battery (First Time)
    • 6. Attaching Belt Clip to Handset
    • Wall-Mounting the Base Station (Optional Procedure)
      • Standard Wall Plate Mounting
      • Direct Wall Mounting
    • Wall-Mounting the Charging Unit (Optional Procedure)
  • Using Your 900 MHz Cordless Telephone

    • Before You Begin
    • Placing a Call
    • Answering a Call
    • Adjusting the Headset/Microphone Volume
    • Muting the Handset Microphone
    • Adjusting the Ringer Volume
    • Switching Calls Between Telephones
      • Switching a call from 900MHz handset to key telephone
      • Switching a call from key telephone to 900MHz handset
    • Selecting Channels
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Recharging the Handset Battery
    • Cleaning Handset & Charging Unit Contacts
    • Charging a Spare Battery
  • Programming Your Handset

  • Troubleshooting

  • Service Parts and Accessories

    • Service Parts
    • Optional Accessories