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Panasonic UF885 Operating Instruction

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    • Safety Information
    • Introduction
    • Function Key
    • External View
    • Control Panel

    • Main Unit and Accessories
    • Installing the Accessories
    • Installing the Toner Cartridge
    • Loading the Recording Paper
      • Paper Specifications
      • How to Load the Recording Paper
    • Connecting the Telephone Line Cable and Power Cord
    • Setting the Dialing Method (Tone or Pulse)
    • Adjusting the Volume
      • Setting the Monitor Volume
      • Setting the Ringer Volume
    • User Parameters
      • Setting the Date and Time
      • Setting Your LOGO
      • Setting Your Character ID
      • Setting Your ID Number (Fax Telephone Number)

    • One-Touch/Abbreviated Dialing Numbers
      • Entering One-Touch/Abbreviated Dialing Numbers
      • Changing or Erasing One-Touch/Abbreviated Dialing Numbers
      • Printing Out a Directory Sheet
    • Customizing Your Machine
      • Setting the Fax Parameters
      • Fax Parameter Table

    • Loading Documents
      • Documents You Can Send
      • Documents You Cannot Send
      • How to Load Documents
    • Basic Transmission Settings
      • Contrast
      • Resolution
      • Halftone
      • Verification Stamp
      • Communication Journal (COMM. JOURNAL)
    • Sending Documents
      • Memory Transmission
      • Manual Number Dialing
      • One-Touch Dialing
      • Abbreviated Dialing
      • Directory Search Dialing
        • Multi-Station Transmission (Broadcasting)
        • Direct Transmission
      • Manual Number Dialing (Direct Transmission)
      • One-Touch Dialing (Direct Transmission)
      • Abbreviated Dialing (Direct Transmission)
      • Directory Search Dialing (Direct Transmission)
        • Voice Mode Transmission
      • Off-Hook Dialing
      • On-Hook Dialing
        • Transmission Reservation
      • Memory Transmission Reservation (Multi-tasking)
      • Direct Transmission Reservation (Priority Transmission Reservation)
        • Redialing
      • Automatic Redialing
      • Manual Redialing
    • Receiving Documents
      • Automatic Reception
      • Manual Reception
      • Print Reduction
      • Selecting the Print Reduction Mode
      • Receiving Oversize Documents
        • Substitute Memory Reception
        • Print Collation Mode
    • Making Copies

    • Batch Transmission
      • Real-time Batch Transmission
      • Delayed Batch Transmission
    • Timer Controlled Communications
      • Deferred Transmission
      • Deferred Polling
    • Polling
      • Setting the Polling Password
      • Preparing to be Polled
      • To Poll Documents from Another Station
    • Program Keys
      • Setting for Group Dialing
      • Setting for Deferred Transmission
      • Setting for Deferred Polling
      • Setting for Normal Polling
      • Setting for One-Touch Key
      • Changing or Erasing the Program Key Settings
    • Edit File Mode
      • Printing a File List
      • Viewing the Contents of a File List
      • Changing the Start Time or the Station of a File
      • Deleting a File
      • Printing Out a File
      • Adding Documents into a File
      • Retry an Incomplete File
    • Access Code
      • Setting the Access Code
      • Operating Your Machine with the Access Code (Restrict all operations)
      • Operating Your Machine with the Access Code (Restrict access of Fax Parameters only)
    • Receive To Memory
      • Setting the RCV To Memory Password
      • Setting RCV To Memory
      • Printing Out Documents
    • Distinctive Ring Detector (DRD)
    • Fax Cover Sheet
      • General Description
      • To use the Fax Cover Sheet
    • PIN Code Access
      • Selecting the Access Method (Prefix or Suffix)
      • Dialing with a PIN Code
    • Fax Forward
      • Setting Fax Forward
    • File Transmission
      • Storing the Document(s)
      • Sending the Stored Document(s)
      • Deleting the Stored Document(s)
      • Printing the Stored Document(s)
    • Department Code
      • General Description
      • Setting the Department Code
      • Changing or Erasing the Department Code
      • Sending Document with Department Code
      • Sending Document with Department Code (Voice Mode Transmission)
      • Printing a Department Code List
      • Printing a Department Code Journal
    • Multiple LOGO
      • General Description
      • Setting the Multiple LOGO
      • Changing or Erasing the Multiple LOGO
      • Sending Document with Multiple LOGO
      • Printing a Multiple Logo List

    • Selective Reception
      • Setting the Selective Reception.
    • Password Communications
      • General Description
      • Compatibility with Other Machines
      • Setting Password Transmission
      • Setting Password Reception
      • Using Password Transmission
      • Using Password Reception
    • Confidential Mailbox and Confidential Network Communications
      • Confidential Mailbox
      • Compatibility with Other Machines
      • Sending a Confidential Document to a Remote Station's Mailbox
      • Polling a Confidential Document from a Remote Station's Mailbox
      • Receiving a Confidential Document to Your Machine's Mailbox
      • Storing a Confidential Document in Your Machine's Mailbox
      • Printing Out a Confidential Document from Your Machine's Mailbox
      • Deleting a Confidential Document Stored in Your Machine's Mailbox
        • Confidential Network Communications (Via a Center Station)
      • Compatibility with Other Machines
      • Setting Up Your Machine for Confidential Network Communications
    • Relayed Transmission
      • General Description
      • Compatibility with Other Machines
      • Relay Network
      • Setting Up Your Machine for Relayed Transmission
      • Sending a Document by Relayed Transmission
      • Printouts and Reports
    • Sub-addressing
      • General Description
      • To set the Sub-address into a One-Touch/ABBR. DIaling Numbers
      • To send a Document with Sub-address

    • Journals and Lists
      • Transaction Journal
      • Individual Transmission Journal (IND. XMT JOURNAL)
      • Communication Journal (COMM. JOURNAL)
      • One-Touch/Abbreviated and Directory Search List
      • Program List
      • FAX Parameter List

    • Troubleshooting
      • If You Have Any of These Problems
      • Information Codes
      • Clearing a Recording Paper Jam
      • Clearing a Document Jam
      • Cleaning the Document Scanning Area
      • Cleaning the Printer Roller
      • Adjusting the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
      • Verification Stamp
      • Replacing the Lithium Battery
      • Checking the Telephone Line

    • Specifications
    • Recording Paper Specifications
    • Options and Supplies
      • Installing the Memory Card (Flash Memory Card and / or DRAM Card)
    • FCC Notice for User in USA
    • Notice to User in Canada
    • Glossary
    • ITU-T Image No. 1

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Author: BPG
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Producer: Acrobat Distiller 4.0 for Windows
CreationDate: Mon Jun 5 14:22:05 2000
ModDate: Wed Jan 23 14:21:11 2002
Tagged: no
Pages: 194
Encrypted: no
Page size: 842.126 x 595.182 pts (A4)
File size: 4794230 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.3

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