Operating Instruction Summary

The manual was written in by Panasonic. The language is listed as follows: Operating Instruction English. The manual is applied to the following two product models as follows: KX-TG4500, KX-TG4500B. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of kxtg4500b.pdf has 124 pages with the file size of 4418146. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

Operating Instruction Information

Category: Telephone and Fax
Model:KX-TG4500, KX-TG4500B
Type:Operating Instruction
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 4.2 Mb / 124 pages

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CreationDate: Thu Jul 20 09:59:56 2006
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PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Introduction

    • Accessory information
    • Expanding your phone
    • Important safety instructions
    • For best performance
    • System capabilities
  • Preparation

    • Installation
      • Installing the backup battery in the base unit
      • Connecting the base unit handset and AC adaptor
      • Connecting the line cords
      • Connecting the AC adaptor to the charger
      • If you subscribe to a DSL service
      • Installing the battery in the cordless handset
      • Battery charge
    • Controls and display
      • Controls
      • Using softkeys and navigation keys
      • Displays
    • Setting-up the unit before use
      • Setting the date and time
      • Setting the display language
      • Selecting the line mode
      • Selecting the dialing mode
      • Registering additional cordless handsets
  • Making/Answering Calls

    • Making calls
    • Answering calls
    • Using additional lines during a conversation
    • Intercom
      • Making an intercom call
      • Answering intercom calls
    • Transferring a call
    • Placing a call on hold
    • Swapping between two external calls
    • Conference calls
    • Useful features during a call
      • Joining in a conversation
      • Call privacy
      • Recording a conversation
      • Muting your conversation
      • Using the PAUSE key (for PBX line or long distance calls)
      • Using the FLASH key
      • For call waiting service users
      • Temporary tone dialing
  • Phonebook

    • Using the Phonebook
      • Storing names and numbers in the Phonebook
      • Finding and calling a Phonebook item
      • Editing Phonebook items
      • Erasing Phonebook items
      • Chain dial
  • Caller ID Service

    • Using caller ID service
    • Caller list
      • Viewing and calling back using the caller list
      • Editing a caller’s phone number before calling back
      • Storing caller information in the Phonebook
      • Erasing caller information
  • Voice Mail System

    • Voice Mail System
      • Setting the mailbox password
      • Listening to messages from the base unit
      • Listening to messages with the cordless handset
      • Creating and sending messages
      • Transferring a call to a personal mailbox
      • Checking the remaining recording time and number of messages
      • Erasing all messages stored in a mailbox
      • User greetings
      • Personal greetings
      • Turning the cordless handset answer mode on or off
  • Remote access

    • Remote access
      • Accessing the voice mail system remotely
  • Automated Attendant System

    • Automated Attendant System
      • How the Automated Attendant System works
      • Setting the Automated Attendant System
      • Call transfer status
      • Call operator status
  • Answering System

    • Setting the Answering System
      • Turning on the Answering System
      • Defining the number of rings
      • Selecting the pre-recorded greeting message
      • Recording a greeting message
      • Selecting a greeting message
      • Changing a recorded message
      • Erasing a greeting message
      • Turning off the Answering System
  • Programmable Settings

    • Guide to programming
      • Base programming
      • Cordless handset programming
    • Initializing base unit and cordless handset(s)
      • Clearing settings
      • Clearing the Caller List
      • Clearing the Phonebook
      • Clearing the redial list
      • Erasing messages
    • Ringer settings
      • Selecting the ringer volume
      • Selecting the ringer pattern
    • Call options
      • Auto talk
      • Caller ID edit
      • Setting up ring groups
    • Display options
      • Adjusting the LCD contrast
      • Changing the name of the cordless handset
    • Telephone settings
      • Selecting the flash time
      • Line selection for outgoing calls
    • Setting up the telephone line
      • Restricting calls
      • Message alert
      • Call screening (monitoring)
      • Notify alert
      • Automatically deleting messages
      • Checking the remaining recording time and number of messages
    • Music on hold
      • Turning the music on hold feature on or off
      • Recording music on hold
      • Erasing the current music on hold
    • Other options
      • Selecting key tone
      • Adjusting the time automatically
      • Re-registering a cordless handset with the base unit
      • Storing speed dial numbers
      • Customer support
    • Programming with direct commands
      • Using direct commands on the base unit
      • Using mailbox direct commands on the base unit
      • Using direct commands on the cordless handset
  • Useful Information

    • Wall mounting the charger
    • Cordless handset rechargeable battery replacement
    • Backup battery replacement
    • Headset (optional)
    • Belt clip
    • Reset button
    • Adding another phone
    • Error messages
      • Display messages
      • Voice messages
    • Troubleshooting
      • General use
      • Programmable settings
      • Making/answering calls, paging
      • Phonebook
      • Caller ID
      • Recharging the battery (cordless handset)
      • Voice mail system/automated attendant system/answering system
    • Frequently asked questions
      • The base unit
      • The cordless handset
      • Messages and voice mail
      • Calls
      • Lines
    • FCC and other information
    • Warranty
    • Specifications
    • Customer services
  • Index

    • Index