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The manual was written in by Panasonic. The language is listed as follows: Operating Instruction English. The manual is applied to the following five product models as follows: CW-C84GU, CW-XC64HK, CW-XC64HU, CW-XC84GU, CW-XC84HU. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of cwxc64hu.pdf has 61 pages with the file size of 7703954. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

Operating Instruction Information

Category: Air Conditioner
Type:Operating Instruction
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 7.3 Mb / 61 pages

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Title: CW-XC64/84HU/HK CW-C84GU CW-XC84GU
Subject: Operating Instructions
Author: LG OEM Japan
Creator: QuarkXPress3.3k: AdobePS 8.5.1
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 4.05 for Macintosh
CreationDate: Wed Jan 14 16:48:28 2004
ModDate: Wed Mar 10 10:33:37 2004
Tagged: no
Pages: 61
Encrypted: no
Page size: 524 x 737 pts
File size: 7703954 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.4

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Table of Contents

  • Safety Precautions

    • Safety Precautions
  • About the Controls on the Air Conditioner

    • Controls
    • Remote Controller
    • Ventilation
    • Air Direction
    • How to Secure the Drain Pipe
  • Care and Maintenance

    • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Features

    • Features
  • Installation

    • How to Install the Unit
    • Window Requirementsd
    • Installation Kit Contents
    • Suggested Tool Requirements
    • Cabinet Installation
    • Electrical Data
    • Electrical Safety
  • Before You Call for Service...

    • Normal Operation
    • Abnormal Operation
  • Table of Contents

  • Mesures de Securite

    • Mesures de securite
  • Instructions de fonctionnement

    • Les commandes
    • Telecommande
    • La ventilation
    • Ajuster la direction d'air
    • Comment utiliser le tuyau d'evacuation
  • Nettoyage et entretien

    • Nettoyage de filtre a' air
  • Caracteristiques

    • Caracteristiques
  • Instructions pour I'installation

    • Choisissez le meilleur emplacement
    • Conditions requises pour I'installation a la fenetre
    • Contenu de I'ensemble d'installation
    • Outils requis pour I'installation
    • Installation du boitier
    • Donnees sur I'electricite
    • Mesures de securite electriques
  • Avant de placer un appel de service

    • Fonctionnement normal
    • Fonctionnement anormal
  • Table of Contents

  • Precauciones Importantes de Seguridad

    • Precauciones Importantes de Seguridad
  • Instruccionnes de Funcionamiento

    • Controles
    • Control remoto
    • Ventilacion
    • Como controlar la direccion del aire
    • Como Installar el Tubo de Desague
  • Cuidado y Mantenimiento

    • Limpieza de filtro de Aire
  • Caracteristicas

    • Caracteristicas
  • Instrucciones de Instalacion

    • Elija el major lugar
    • Requistios de ventana
    • Contenido del Juego de Instalacion
    • Requisitos de las herra mientas sugeridas
    • Instalacion del Gabinete
    • Datos Electricos
    • Informacion Electrica
  • Antes de avisar al Servicio Tecnico

    • Operacion normal
    • Operacion anormal