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The manual was written in English by Dodge. The language is listed as follows: User's Manual English. The manual is applied to the following two product models as follows: Uconnect 430, Uconnect 430N. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of 2013-uconnect_430_430n-2nd.pdf has 138 pages with the file size of 4.4Mb. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Dodge Automobile Uconnect 430 2013 User's Manual

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  • Uconnect 430/430N

      • Warnings
      • Safety References
      • Intended Use
      • System Care
        • Software Update
        • Safe Usage of the Radio System
        • Connections
        • Touch Screen
        • CD/DVD Drive
        • GPS Navigation Antenna – If Equipped
        • Satellite Radio Antenna – If Equipped
        • Other Electronic Devices
      • User Interface Elements
        • Soft-Keys
        • Hard-Keys
        • (1) Voice Command (If Equipped)
        • (2) Uconnect™ Phone (If Equipped)
        • (3) RADIO
        • (4) MEDIA
        • (5) ON/OFF VOLUME
        • (6) LOAD
        • (7) MENU
        • (8) AUDIO
        • (9) MY FILES
        • (10) USB Connector
        • (11) AUX Input (Audio Jack)
        • Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)
      • Steering Wheel Audio Controls (If Equipped)
        • AM/FM/SAT Operation
        • HDD/Disc/USB/iPod/BTSA Operation
        • Video Entertainment System™ Operation
      • Audio Settings
        • Volume
        • Audio Control Menu
      • Change the Language
      • Set the Time – Uconnect 430
      • Set the Time – Uconnect 430N
      • Store Radio Presets
    • Uconnect Multimedia (RADIO)
      • Radio Mode
        • Overview
        • SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio
        • Station Presets
        • Change a Channel or Frequency
        • Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS)
        • Radio Text Information
        • Music Type (Program Type Filter)
        • RBDS (FM) Program Types
        • SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio Program Types
        • Favorite Songs & Artists
        • Replay Mode
      • Radio Settings
        • AM/FM MENU
        • SAT MENU
        • Channel Lock
        • Favorites
        • Favorite Songs & Artists
        • Favorite Teams
        • Re-Subscribe to SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio
        • Display Settings
        • Screen Off
        • View Settings
        • ParkView Rear Back Up Camera (if equipped)
    • Uconnect Multimedia (MEDIA)
      • Disc Mode
        • Overview
        • Disc Requirements
        • Inserting a Disc
        • Removing a Disc
        • Selecting Disc Mode
        • Scan Search
        • Change a Track
        • Displaying the Elapsed Title Time
        • Select Title from List
        • Disc Info
        • Gracenote End User License Agreement
        • Copy Disc to Hard-Drive
        • Disc Menu
        • Playing a MP3/WMA Disc
        • Playing a Video DVD
        • DVD MENU Controls
        • DVD Playback Controls
        • DISC Menu
        • Disc Skipping
        • Temperature Protection
      • Hard Disk Drive Mode (HDD)
        • Copy Audio Disc to Hard-Drive
        • Copy WMA/MP3 Files to Hard-Drive
        • Copying Complete Disc
        • Selective Song Copying from Disc
        • Copying from USB
        • Playing Audio Files from the Hard Disk Drive
        • Change a Track
        • Tagging Favorite HDD Songs
        • Displaying the Elapsed Time
        • HDD Menu
        • Random Playback
        • Repeat Track
        • Favorite Playlists on the Hard Disk Drive
        • Editing Track Info on the Hard Disk Drive
        • Editing Folder Names on the Hard Disk Drive
        • Deleting Tracks from the Hard Disk Drive
        • Deleting All Files from the Hard Disk Drive
        • Importing Pictures
    • Uconnect Multimedia (REMOTE DEVICES)
      • Video Entertainment System (VES)™
        • Receiving Audio/Video from the VES™
        • Sending Audio/Video and controlling the VES™
        • VES™ LOCK
        • VES™ UNLOCK
        • Playing a Video DVD for the Rear VES™
      • License Agreements
        • Dolby Digital License Agreement
        • Rovi Corporation License Agreement
      • USB Connector
        • Compatible Devices
        • How to Open the Cover
        • How to Close the Cover
      • Audio Jack (AUX) Mode
        • USB Port (If Equipped)
        • Playing Audio Files from the Audio Device
        • Select an iPod or external USB Category
        • List Jump
        • Change a Track
        • Pause
        • Play
        • Displaying the Elapsed Title Time
        • Scan Search
        • Track Info
        • AUX Menu
        • Random Playback
        • Repeat Track
      • Bluetooth Streaming Audio (BTSA)
        • Controlling BTSA using the radio
        • Play Mode
        • Selecting a different audio device
      • Uconnect Phone (If Equipped)
      • Voice Command (If Equipped)
    • NAVIGATION (Uconnect 430N Only)
      • Safety Precautions and Important Information
        • WARNING
        • CAUTION
        • NOTICE
        • Map Data Information
      • Getting Started
        • Setting up Your System
        • Acquiring Satellites
        • Main Menu
        • Using the On-screen Buttons
        • Finding a Point of Interest
        • Using the On-screen Keyboard
        • Adding Points to the Active Route
        • Changing the Destination of the Active Route
        • Taking a Detour
        • Stopping the Route
      • Finding Locations
        • Finding an Address
        • Using the Go! Page
        • Setting a Home Location
        • Viewing a List of Recently Found Locations
        • About Favorites
        • Planning a Trip
        • Using the Map Buttons
        • Browsing the Map by Touching the Screen
        • Entering Coordinates
      • About the Map Pages
        • Viewing the Map While Navigating
        • About myTrends™
        • Viewing Trip Information
        • Viewing the Turn List
        • Viewing the Next Turn
        • Viewing the Junction View
      • Using the Tools
        • Viewing Current Location Information
        • Using Help
        • Using the World Clock
        • Using the Calculator
        • Using the Unit Converter
      • Customizing the Navigation System
        • System Settings
        • Changing the Map Settings
        • Route Preferences
        • Language Settings
        • Restoring All Original Settings
      • Appendix
        • About GPS Satellite Signals
        • Updating the Software
        • Updating the Map Data
        • Custom POIs (Points of Interest)
      • SiriusXM™ Travel Link (Uconnect 430N Only)
        • Weather
        • Ski Info
        • Fuel Prices
        • Movie Listings
        • Sports Scores
      • End-User License Agreements
      • User Data Backup
      • Software and Database Updates
      • Radio
      • Disc
      • HDD

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Title: 2013 Uconnect 430/430N Users Manual
Subject: 2nd Edition
Keywords: 1130532
Author: 13RBZ_RHB-526-AB
Creator: XPP
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 8.1.0 (Windows)
CreationDate: Mon Oct 15 13:34:04 2012
ModDate: Wed Oct 17 09:46:08 2012
Tagged: no
Pages: 138
Encrypted: no
Page size: 567 x 297 pts
File size: 4606765 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.5

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