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The manual was written in by Apple. The language is listed as follows: Instruction Manual English. The manual is applied to the following one product model as follows: PowerBook G4. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of powerbookg4_12inch1.33ghzgettingstarted.pdf has 104 pages with the file size of 1.6Mb. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Notebook Computer
Model:PowerBook G4
Type:Instruction Manual
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 1.6Mb / 104 pages

PDF File Information

Title: PowerBook G4 12-inch (1.33 GHz): Getting Started (Manual)
Subject: 034-2540
Keywords: 034-2540-A kmanual kpbg4
Author: Apple Product Documentation
Creator: FrameMaker 6.0
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 6.0.1 for Macintosh
CreationDate: Thu Mar 11 14:17:56 2004
ModDate: Mon Mar 14 16:20:22 2005
Tagged: no
Pages: 104
Encrypted: no
Page size: 540 x 648 pts
File size: 1697020 bytes
Optimized: no
PDF version: 1.5

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • PowerBook G4 12-inch Getting Started

    • Contents
    • Getting Started
      • Basic Features of Your PowerBook
      • Additional Features of Your PowerBook
      • Setting Up
        • Problems Turning the Computer On?
      • How Do I Turn My PowerBook Off?
        • Putting Your PowerBook to Sleep
        • Shutting Down Your PowerBook
      • Calibrating Your Battery
      • What’s Next?
        • What If I Have More Questions?
        • Other Support
    • The Basics
      • Getting to Know Your New PowerBook
      • Adjusting Your Display
      • Using Your Power Adapter
      • Using the Trackpad
        • Tips for Using the Trackpad
      • Using the Keyboard
      • Using a Mouse
      • Learning About Mac OS X
      • Customizing Your Desktop and Setting Your Preferences
      • Connecting to a Printer
        • Monitoring Printing
      • Playing a CD and Connecting Headphones
      • Keeping Your Software Up to Date
      • Connecting a Camera or Other FireWire or USB Device
      • Connecting to a Network
      • Using the Internet
      • Transferring Files to Another Computer
      • When an Application Freezes
    • Using Your Computer
      • Universal Serial Bus (USB)
        • Using USB Devices
        • USB Devices and Battery Power
        • Using Multiple USB Devices at the Same Time
        • For More Information on USB
      • FireWire
        • Using FireWire Devices
        • FireWire Devices and Battery Power
        • FireWire Target Disk Mode
        • For More Information on FireWire
      • Using Bluetooth Devices
        • For More Information on Bluetooth Wireless Technology
      • AirPort Extreme Wireless Networking and Internet Access
        • How AirPort Extreme Provides Wireless Internet Access
        • For More Information on AirPort Extreme
      • Ethernet (10/100Base-T)
        • For More Information on Using Ethernet
      • Using Your Modem
      • Connecting Speakers and Audio Devices
      • External Video Support (DVI, VGA, Composite, and SVideo)
        • Connecting an External Display or Projector
        • Using Your PowerBook With the Display Closed
        • Connecting a Television, VCR, or Other Video Device
        • For More Information on Using an External Monitor or TV
      • Using Your Optical Drive
        • Inserting a CD or DVD Disc
        • Ejecting a Disc
        • Playing DVD Discs
        • Recording CD-R and CD-RW Discs
        • For More Information
        • Recording Information on a DVD
      • Battery
        • Removing and Replacing the Battery
        • Charging a Battery
        • Battery-Conservation Tips
        • For More Information on Your PowerBook Battery
      • Security Slot
        • For More Information on Security Options
    • Adding Memory to Your Computer
      • Installing Additional Memory
        • Making Sure Your Computer Recognizes the New Memory
    • Troubleshooting
      • Problems That Prevent You From Using Your Computer
      • Other Problems
      • Restoring Your Computer’s Software
      • Locating Your Product Serial Number
    • Specifications
    • Care, Use, and Safety Information
      • Cleaning Your PowerBook
        • Cleaning Your PowerBook Display
      • Carrying Your PowerBook
      • Storing Your PowerBook
      • Safety Instructions for Setting Up and Using Your Computer
        • Plugging In the Power Adapter
        • Connecting a Phone Line to the Internal Modem
        • Using Your PowerBook
      • General Safety Instructions
      • Battery
      • Connectors and Ports
      • Avoid Hearing Damage
      • Apple and the Environment
      • Ergonomics
    • Connecting to the Internet
      • Gathering the Information You Need
      • Entering Your Information
      • Dial-Up Modem With Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Connections
      • DSL, Cable Modem, or LAN Internet Connections
        • Manual Configuration
        • DHCP Configuration
        • PPPoE Configuration
      • AirPort Extreme Wireless Connection
        • Setting Up an AirPort Extreme Connection Manually
      • Troubleshooting Your Connection
        • Cable Modem, DSL, and LAN Internet Connections
        • PPPoE Connections
        • Network Connections
    • Top Ten Questions
    • Communications Regulation Information
    • Index

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