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The manual was written in by 3Com. The language is listed as follows: Installation Guide English. The manual is applied to the following one product model as follows: Edge Router Module. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of 677a_2.pdf has 156 pages with the file size of 1106387. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Network
Model:Edge Router Module
Type:Installation Guide
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 1.1 Mb / 156 pages

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PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Audience

  • Structure of This Guide

  • Document Conventions

  • Related Documents

    • 3Com Documents
    • Cisco Systems Documents
    • Reference Documents
  • Product Overview

    • Router Module Operation
    • Router Module Architecture
  • Router Module Features

    • Software Options
    • Topology Switching Capability
    • Network Reliability
    • IOS Router Software Updates
    • Memory Upgrades
  • Installation Overview

  • Precautionary Procedures

    • Troubleshooting Installation Problems
  • Quick Installation

  • Unpacking Procedures

  • Verifying the Jumper Plug Positions

    • Verifying Jumper Plug Positions on the Engine
  • Configuring the Router Module in an Unmanaged Hub

    • Configuring the ONline Carrier in an Unmanaged Hub...
      • Locating the ONline Carrier DIP Switches
      • Selecting a Backplane Network
      • Setting the Ring Speed
      • Isolating the Router Module
  • Installing the Router Module

    • Installing the ONline Edge Router Module
      • Installing the Edge Router Module
      • Re-initializing the Backplane
    • Installing the ONsemble Edge Router Module
      • Before You Install the ONsemble Edge Router Module...
      • Installing the ONsemble Edge Router Module in a Hu...
  • Configuring the Router Module in a Managed Hub

    • Managed Configuration Overview
    • Attaching a Management Terminal
      • Attaching a Terminal to the Console Port of the En...
      • Attaching a Terminal to the Auxiliary Port of the ...
      • Attaching a Terminal to the Management Module
    • Configuring the Edge Router Module Engine
    • Configuring the Edge Router Module Carrier
      • Configuring the ONline Carrier in a Managed Hub
      • Configuring the ONsemble Carrier
  • Showing the Router Module Configuration and Status...

    • Showing the Engine Configuration and Status
    • Showing the Carrier Configuration and Status
      • Using the SHOW MODULE Command
      • Using the SHOW PORT Command
  • Monitoring Router Module Operation

    • Monitoring Engine LEDs
    • Monitoring the ONsemble Carrier LEDs
      • Testing the LEDs
      • Interpreting the Carrier LEDs
  • Recovering a Lost Password

  • Updating or Upgrading IOS Software

    • Revising IOS Software
      • Using Flash Load Helper
      • Revising IOS Software Manually
    • Increasing IOS Software Memory
      • Replacing the Flash SIMM
    • Replacing the Boot PROMs
  • Increasing Operating Memory

    • Base DRAM Memory Configuration
    • Allocation of Operating Memory
    • Adding DRAM SIMM Memory
  • Troubleshooting Startup Problems

    • Troubleshooting Engine Problems
    • Troubleshooting Mailbox Interface Problems
    • Troubleshooting 3Com Carrier Problems
  • Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Problems

  • Troubleshooting WAN Connectivity Problems

  • Correcting Operating Malfunction

  • Obtaining Technical Assistance

  • General Specifications

  • Electrical Specifications

  • Router Module Capacities

  • Environmental Specifications

  • Mechanical Specifications

  • Console and Auxiliary Port Cables

    • Console Port Pinouts
      • Console Port (DTE)
      • Mini-DIN to DB-25 Modem Cable
    • Auxiliary Port Pinouts
      • Auxiliary Port (DTE)
      • Mini-DIN to DB-25 Modem Cable
    • 3Com OpenHub Management Cable
    • DB-25 Null Modem Cable
  • Serial Port Cable Assemblies and Pinouts

    • EIA-530 DTE Synchronous Serial Cable Pinouts
    • RS-232 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Assembly and Pinou...
    • RS-449 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Assembly and Pinou...
    • V.35 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Assembly and Pinouts...
    • X.21 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Pinouts (DB-15)
  • Virtual Configuration Register Bit Definitions

    • Boot Field
      • Setting Boot Field Values
      • Default Boot Filenames
    • Break Function
    • Internet Broadcast Address
    • Engine Management Terminal Baud Rate
    • Bootload Failure Response
    • NVRAM Disable
  • Changing Configuration Register Settings

  • Enabling Booting From Flash Memory

  • Entering the Bootstrap Program

  • Available Bootstrap Commands

  • Running Diagnostics

  • On-line Technical Support

    • Email Technical Support
    • World Wide Web Site
  • Support from Your Network Supplier

  • Support from 3Com

  • Returning Products for Repair

  • Accessing the 3Com MIB

  • 3Com Technical Publications

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