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The manual was written in by 3Com. The language is listed as follows: Installation Guide English. The manual is applied to the following one product model as follows: CoreBuilder 5000. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of 835_3.pdf has 112 pages with the file size of 7813788. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Network
Model:CoreBuilder 5000
Type:Installation Guide
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 7.5 Mb / 112 pages

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Title: CoreBuilder 5000 Network Router Module Installation Guide for Ethernet
Subject: Document Number 17-00835-3
Keywords: CoreBuilder, Router, Ethernet, 3Com, Cisco, ATM, DCE, DTE, DCE/DTE, Compression, FDDI, NIM, Quad Serial, DAS,SAS, WAN, Multi-mode, Single Mode, Dual Attached Station, Enterprise, MIB, Optical Bypass Switch, IP, IPX, Desktop, X.21, V.35
Creator: FrameMaker 5.1P2a
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 3.0 for Windows
CreationDate: Thu May 8 18:23:01 1997
ModDate: Fri May 9 14:29:06 1997
Tagged: no
Pages: 112
Encrypted: yes (print:yes copy:yes change:no addNotes:no)
Page size: 540 x 648 pts
File size: 7813788 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.2

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Contents

  • Figures

  • Tables

  • About This Guide

    • Introduction
    • Audience
    • How to Use This Guide
    • Conventions
    • Related Documents
      • 3Com Documents
      • Reference Documents
  • Introduction

    • Router Module Overview
      • Router Functions
      • Module Architecture
      • Router Models
      • Typical Applications
    • Router Module Features
      • FDDI Support
      • WAN Support
      • Protocol Translation
      • Scalable Protocol Support
      • WAN Optimization
      • ATM Migration
      • Management Support
      • Distributed, Scalable Reliability
      • Hot Swap Capability
  • Installing the Module

    • Precautionary Procedures
    • Quick Installation
    • Unpacking Procedures
    • Preparing to Install the Router Module
      • Setting DIP Switches
        • Setting the Configuration Source DIP Switch
        • Configuring the Ethernet Backplane Connections
      • Verifying CPU Board Jumper Plug Positions
    • Installing the Router Module
    • Making NIM Connections
      • Making FDDI NIM Connections
        • Connecting the Multi-Mode, Dual Attachment Station...
        • Connecting the Multi-Mode, Single Attachment Stati...
        • Connecting the Multi-Mode Optical Bypass Switch
        • Connecting the Single Mode, Dual Attachment Statio...
      • Making Quad Serial NIM Connections
      • Making ATM NIM Connections
        • ATM Connector Types
        • ATM Distance Limitations
  • Configuring the Module

    • Configuration Overview
    • Attaching a Management Terminal
      • Connecting to the Console Port
      • Connecting to the Auxiliary Port
    • Configuring Cisco NIM Connections
    • Configuring Cisco Parameters
      • Setting the Initial Router Module Configuration
      • Setting General Interface Parameters
      • Re-Starting the Interface Ports
    • Configuring 3Com Parameters
  • Monitoring Operation

    • Monitoring Router Module LEDs
      • Common Front Panel LEDs
      • FDDI NIM LEDs
      • Quad Serial NIM LEDs
      • ATM NIM LEDs
    • Displaying the Router Module Configuration
      • Using the SHOW MODULE Command
      • Using the SHOW MODULE VERBOSE Command
      • Using the SHOW PORT Command
      • Using the SHOW PORT VERBOSE Command
  • Troubleshooting

    • Troubleshooting Startup Problems
    • Troubleshooting Network Connection Problems
    • Troubleshooting WAN Connection Problems
    • Correcting Operating Malfunctions
    • Recovering a Lost Password
  • Product Specifications

    • General Specifications
    • Electrical Specifications
    • Environmental Specifications
    • Mechanical Specifications
  • Cabling Specifications

    • Console and Auxiliary Port Cables
      • Console Port Pinouts
      • Auxiliary Port Pinouts
    • Quad Serial NIM Cables
      • EIA-530 DTE Synchronous Serial Cable Pinouts
      • EIA-232 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Assembly and Pino...
      • EIA-449 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Assembly and Pino...
      • V.35 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Assembly and Pinouts...
      • X.21 DTE and DCE Serial Cable Pinouts (DB-15)
  • Virtual Configuration Register

    • VCR Tasks
    • VCR Bit Definitions
      • Boot Field
        • Setting Boot Field Values
        • Default Boot Filenames
      • Break Function
      • Internet Protocol Broadcast Address
      • Engine Management Terminal Baud Rate
      • Bootload Failure Response
      • NVRAM Disable
    • Changing VCR Settings
    • Enabling Booting From Flash Memory
  • FDDI Precautions

    • FDDI Laser Safety Information
    • Processing
  • Technical Support

    • Online Technical Services
      • World Wide Web Site
      • 3Com Bulletin Board Service
        • Access by Analog Modem
        • Access by Digital Modem
      • 3ComFacts Automated Fax Service
      • 3ComForum on CompuServe Online Service
    • Support From Your Network Supplier
    • Support From 3Com Corporation
    • Returning Products for Repair
    • Accessing the 3ComMIB
    • Contacting 3Com Technical Publications
  • Index

  • 3Com Corporation Limited Warranty