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The manual was written in by 3com. The language is listed as follows: Manual English. The manual is applied to the following two product models as follows: 3CWXM10A, 3CWXMUPA. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of 3wxm_4_2_.pdf has 14 pages with the file size of 327478. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Network
Language:English English Manual
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Title: Wireless LAN Switch Manager (3WXM) Version 4.2 Release Notes
Author: 3Com Corporation
Creator: FrameMaker 7.0
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 5.0.5 (Windows)
CreationDate: Thu Oct 25 11:01:14 1990
ModDate: Mon Aug 7 14:29:29 2006
Tagged: no
Pages: 14
Encrypted: no
Page size: 648 x 540 pts
File size: 327478 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.3

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • Wireless LAN Switch Manager (3WXM) Version 4.2 Release Notes

  • Related Documentation

  • Software License Agreement

  • What's New in 3WXM Version 4.2

  • GUI Enhancement - New Panel Resize Options

    • Enhancements to the Wireless Service Wizards
  • Version Compatibility

  • Supported Platforms

  • Licensing

    • Connecting to the Server
  • Upgrading to 3WXM Version 4.2

  • Upgrading from 3WXM Version 4.1, 4.0, or 3.2

  • Downgrading to a Previous 3WXM Version

  • Fixes for Known Faults in Previous Versions

  • Known Issues

    • A non-administrative user cannot run 3WXM. (12155)
    • When the VLAN name is composed entirely of numbers in ACL VLAN mappings imported from the CLI, 3WXM assumes that the VLAN name is a VLAN ID. (12682)
    • Importing of a floor plan in JPEG format might fail with a color conversion exception. (14631)
    • Size or location adjustments of shared coverage areas with identical dimensions might cause problems when you run Compute and Place. (14631)
    • Installing 3WXM on Linux crashes when the display permissions are not set correctly. (15344)
    • When importing a CAD file (DWG/DXF), any lines with arrowheads will display incorrectly. (15906)
    • 3WXM does not support the Ctrl + drag-and-drop mouse operation. (16425)
    • Polling interval for client session cannot be changed. (17585)
    • Enabling STP on a WX switch’s management VLAN causes a configuration deployment to fail. (17668)
    • Disabled radio on operational MAP does not turn red if the MAP or WX switch becomes unavailable. (18330)
    • Daylight Savings Time or timezone changes are not automatically detected in 3WXM. (18422)
    • BSSID-SSID mappings are not correctly displayed for switches running MSS Version 3.2. (19968)
    • dbtools command line utility is not applicable to backing up or restoring network plans. (20416)
    • License upgrade requires restarting 3WXM Services. (21342)
    • Radio statistics for Auto DAPs are not correct. (21644)
    • Network ports and wired authentication ports are not displayed in the Monitor Explore window. (22289)
    • Repeated error message when copying a notification profile without editing the name. (22759)
    • Mouse must be still during clicks when selecting multiple rows in tables. (23189)
    • Installation on Linux might require some Linux setting changes. (25196)
    • Email Notification is not supported. (26684)
    • Online Help does not work with Konqueror browser on Linux (27225)
    • Unable to switch network plans.
    • 30 day license screen is shown when installing Unlimited license key (30051)
    • 3WXM could display an internal error when a network plan is created but not opened (30119)
  • Documentation Errata

    • Third-party APs placed on a floor plan are included during coverage planning. (27402)
  • Submitting Problem Reports

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