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The manual was written in by 3com. The language is listed as follows: Manual English. The manual is applied to the following two product models as follows: 3CWXM10A, 3CWXMUPA. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of 3wxmug4-1.pdf has 196 pages with the file size of 3005516. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Network
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 2.9 Mb / 196 pages

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Title: 3Com Wireless LAN Switch Manager User's Guide
Subject: 3Com Wireless LAN Mobility System
Author: 3Com
Creator: FrameMaker 7.0
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 5.0.5 (Windows)
CreationDate: Thu Apr 27 12:41:00 2006
ModDate: Mon May 1 14:22:10 2006
Tagged: no
Pages: 196
Encrypted: no
Page size: 540 x 648 pts
File size: 3005516 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.3

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • About This Guide

    • Conventions
    • Documentation
    • Documentation Comments
  • Getting Started

    • Hardware Requirements for 3WXM Client
    • Hardware Requirements for 3WXM Services
    • Software Requirements
    • Preparing for Installation
      • User Privileges
      • Serial Number and License Key
      • Resource Allocation
        • 3WXM Services Options
    • Installing 3WXM
      • Start 3WXM Services
      • Connect 3WXM Clients to 3WXM Services
      • Configure 3WXM Services
        • To select monitoring settings
      • 3WXM Access Control
        • To configure access control
    • 3WXM Interface
      • Display the Main Window
      • Using the Toolbar and Menu Bar
      • Setting Preferences
      • Easy Configuration Using Wizards
      • View Topology
        • To display a topology view of your network
      • Getting Help
  • Planning and Managing Your Wireless Network with 3WXM

    • Which Services To Provide?
    • Network Plan
    • RF Coverage Area
      • RF Auto-Tuning
      • RF Auto-Tuning with Modelling
      • RF Planning
      • Which Planning Method Should I Use?
    • Configuration
      • Wireless Configuration
      • AAA Security Configuration
        • Authentication
        • Authorization
        • Accounting
      • System and Administration Configuration
        • Configure Basic WX Switch Properties
        • Configure WX Switch Connection Information
        • Configure Boot Information
    • Equipment Installation
    • Deployment
    • Management and Monitoring
      • Network Status
      • RF Monitoring
      • Client Monitoring
      • Rogue Detection
      • Event Logging
      • Verification
      • Reporting
    • RF Plan Optimization
  • Configuring Wireless Services

    • What are Services?
    • Configure Employee Access Services
      • Task Table
      • Step Summary
      • Example: Configure Employee Access
        • Create a Radio Profile
        • To create a radio profile
        • Configure RADIUS Servers
        • To configure the RADIUS server in 3WXM
        • To configure the RADIUS server
        • Create a Service Profile for 802.1X Access
        • To create an 802.1X service profile
        • View the Service Profile’s Access Rules
        • To view an 802.1X service profile’s access rules
        • To modify or create access rules
        • Set Up VLANs on WX Switches
        • To set up a VLAN on a WX switch
    • What’s Next?
    • Configure Guest Access Services
      • Task Table
      • Step Summary
        • Create a User Group and Guest Users
        • To create users
        • To create a user group and add users to it
        • Create a Service Profile for Guest Access with Web Login
        • View the Service Profile’s Access Rules
      • Optional: Configure Mobility Profiles
        • To create a Mobility Profile
    • What’s Next?
    • Configure Voice over Wireless IP Service
      • Task Table
      • Step Summary
      • Create a Radio Profile for Voice
        • To create a radio profile for voice service
      • Create a Service Profile for Voice
        • Create a Service Profile for WMM VoWIP Devices
        • Create a Service Profile for SVP VoWIP Devices
        • Create a Service Profile for Avaya VoWIP Devices
        • Set Up a VLAN for VoWIP on WX Switches
    • What’s Next?
  • Using RF Auto-Tuning

    • What Is RF Auto-Tuning?
    • Place Your Equipment
    • Configure Initial WX Switch Connectivity
    • Upload the WX Switch Configuration into a 3WXM Network Plan
    • Create a Service Profile
      • To create a service profile
    • Create a Radio Profile and Map the Service Profile to It
    • Create Your MAPs
      • To create a directly connected MAP in 3WXM
      • To create a Distributed MAP in3WXM
    • Apply a Radio Profile to Each Radio
      • To apply a radio profile to a radio
    • What’s Next?
  • Using RF Auto-Tuning with Modelling

    • What Is RF Auto-Tuning with Modelling?
    • Add Site Information
      • To create a building
      • To add a floor to the building
    • Insert RF Obstacles
      • To add RF obstacles
    • Create Your RF Coverage Area
      • Create a Wiring Closet
      • Create Your RF Coverage Area
      • Add MAPs
        • To add direct MAPs or distributed MAPs to your network
      • Associate MAPs to the Coverage Area
        • To associate MAPs to the coverage area
    • What’s Next?
  • Using RF Planning

    • What is RF Planning?
    • Prepare the Floor Drawings
    • Define Site Information
      • To create a network plan
      • To add site information
      • To create a building
      • To add a floor to the building
      • Import a Floor Plan
        • To import a floor drawing:
      • Set the Scale
        • To set the scale
      • Clean Layout
        • To clean up a drawing
    • Model RF Obstacles
      • To create RF obstacles for all objects in a layer
    • Import a Site Survey
    • Plan RF Coverage
      • Add Wiring Closets
        • To add a wiring closet
      • Create Coverage Areas
        • To create a coverage area
      • Compute and Place MAPs
        • To determine the number and placement of MAPs
      • Assign Channel Settings
        • To assign channels
      • Calculate Optimal Power
        • To calculate optimal power
      • Display Coverage
        • To display the RF coverage for an area
    • Generate a Work Order
      • To generate a work order
    • Install the Equipment
    • What’s Next?
  • Managing and Monitoring Your Network

    • Deploy Your Configuration
      • To immediately deploy local changes
      • To schedule deployment of local changes
      • To verify your deployment
    • Perform Basic Administrative Tasks
      • Configuring WX Management Services
        • To manage services on a WX switch
    • Distributing System Images
      • Using the Image Repository
        • To add a system image
        • To delete a system image
      • Distributing System Images
        • To immediately install an image on WX switches
        • To schedule installation of an image on WX switches
      • Saving Versions of Network Plans
        • To save a version of a network plan
    • Importing and Exporting Switch Configuration Files
      • To import a configuration
      • To export a configuration
    • Monitoring Examples
      • Monitor an Individual User
        • Find the User
        • To find the user
        • Place User on Watch List
        • To place a user on the watch list
        • Locate the User
        • Display User Activity
        • To display user activity
        • View Long-Term User Statistics
        • To view long-term user statistics
      • Monitor a Group of Users
        • To view the RF monitor statistics
        • To view trends
      • Monitor a Rogue
        • To locate a rogue
        • Configuring Countermeasures
        • To enable countermeasures
        • To verify that countermeasures are being taken against the rogue
  • Optimizing a Network Plan

    • Using RF Measurements from MAPs
      • To import RF measurements from MAPs
    • Using RF Measurements from an Ekahau Site Survey
      • Generating an Ekahau Site Survey Work Order
        • To generate a site survey order
      • Importing RF Measurements from the Ekahau Site Survey
        • To import RF measurements
    • Optimizing the RF Coverage Model
    • Locating and Fixing Coverage Holes
      • Displaying the RF Coverage Area
        • To display the RF coverage area
      • Locking Down MAPs
        • To lock down a MAP
      • Fixing a Coverage Hole
      • Computing and Placing New MAPs
      • Replanning Your Network
    • What’s Next?
  • Obtaining Support for your Product

    • Register Your Product
    • Purchase Value-Added Services
    • Troubleshoot Online
    • Access Software Downloads
    • Telephone Technical Support and Repair
    • Contact Us
  • Index

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