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The manual was written in by 3Com. The language is listed as follows: User Guide English. The manual is applied to the following two product models as follows: 3C10600A NBX V3000, WEBBNGNBX100COMSYS NBX 100. The manual was created in Portable Document Format, called as PDF manual. The PDF document file with the name of pgcrdlss_nbx50.pdf has 138 pages with the file size of 860816. The digital document is original with no watermarks.

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Category: Network
Model:3C10600A NBX V3000, WEBBNGNBX100COMSYS NBX 100
Type:User Guide
Language:English English Manual
File info:PDF / 840.6 Kb / 138 pages

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Title: NBX Cordless Telephone Guide
Author: 3Com Corporation
Creator: FrameMaker 7.0
Producer: Acrobat Distiller 6.0 (Windows)
CreationDate: Mon Mar 21 15:37:37 2005
ModDate: Mon Mar 21 16:03:31 2005
Tagged: no
Pages: 138
Encrypted: no
Page size: 540 x 648 pts
File size: 860816 bytes
Optimized: yes
PDF version: 1.3

PDF Bookmark and List of Contents

  • NBX® Cordless Telephone Guide

    • Contents
    • About This Guide
      • How to Use This Guide
      • Conventions
      • Documentation
        • Comments on the Documentation
    • Getting Started
      • Setting Up Your Password and Voice Mail for the First Time
      • The NBX NetSet Utility
        • Starting the NBX NetSet Utility
        • Navigation and Shortcut Icons in the NBX NetSet Utility
      • Quick Reference Guides
    • 3Com 3106C and 3107C Cordless Telephones
      • Telephone Buttons and Controls
        • 3Com 3106C
        • 3Com 3107C
      • Programmable Access Buttons
      • Status Lights for System Appearance Buttons
      • Base Unit Controls and Functions
      • Using the Handset
        • Handset Controls
        • Using the Handset
      • Using the Optional Headset
    • NBX Messaging
      • NBX Messaging Components
        • Important Considerations
      • Changing Your Password
        • Security Tips
      • Changing Your Name Announcement and Personal Greetings
      • Listening to NBX Messages
        • Message Indicators
        • Listening from Your Computer
        • Listening from Your 3Com Cordless Telephone
        • Listening from Any Internal 3Com Telephone
        • Listening from an External Location
        • Managing Your Messages
        • Information About Your Messages
      • Replying to a Message
      • Forwarding a Message
      • Creating and Sending a Message
      • Using Voice Mail Group Lists
        • Viewing System Groups
        • Creating Personal Groups
        • Modifying or Deleting Groups
      • Marking a Message as Private or Urgent
      • Other Ways to Manage Your Voice Mail Messages
      • Other Kinds of Mailboxes
        • Greeting-Only Mailbox
        • Phantom Mailbox
        • Group Mailbox
    • Standard Features
      • Answering a Call
        • Caller ID
        • Answering a Second Call
      • Dialing a Call
        • An Internal Call
        • An External Call
        • Redialing a Call
      • Forwarding Incoming Calls
        • Call Coverage Points
        • Condition to Forward Calls
        • Setting Call Forward from the Telephone
        • Setting Call Forward from the NBX NetSet Utility
        • Call Forward Precedence
      • Putting a Call On Hold
        • Dialing Another Call
        • More Than One Call
      • Transferring a Call
        • Announced (Screened) Transfer
        • Blind Transfer
        • Direct Mail Transfer
      • Establishing a Conference Call Using Feature Codes
        • Disconnecting the Last Person That You Called
        • More About Conference Calls
    • Personalizing Your Telephone
      • Guidelines About Features on 3Com Telephones
      • Ringer Tones
      • Speed Dials
        • Personal Speed Dials
        • System-wide Speed Dials
        • Special Case: One-Touch Speed Dials
        • Printing Speed Dial Lists
        • Printing Labels
      • Off-Site Notification
        • Managing Off-site Notification Using the Telephone
      • Do Not Disturb
      • Preventing Unauthorized Use of Your Telephone
        • Telephone Locking
        • Call Permissions
      • Class of Service Override
      • Using a Headset
    • Getting More from Your Telephone System
      • Listening to Your Messages in Your E-mail
      • Account (Billing) Codes
      • Caller ID
        • Internal and External Caller ID
        • Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)
      • Call Pickup
        • Directed Call Pickup on a Specific Telephone
        • Group Call Pickup
      • Automatic Call Distribution Groups, Hunt Groups, and Calling Groups
        • Automatic Call Distribution
        • Hunt Groups
        • Calling Groups
        • Group Membership
      • Call Park
      • Paging
        • Paging the System
        • Paging Zones
      • Configurable Operators
        • How Configurable Operators Work
        • Configuring the Operators
      • Using Message Waiting Indicator to Telephone
        • Sending an MWI Message
        • Cancelling an MWI Message
      • Dialing a Call to a Remote Office
        • Using Unique Extensions
        • Using Site Codes
      • Bridged Extensions
      • Using Pulse Dialing
        • Through a Feature Code
        • Through a Mapped Button
        • Through a Personal Speed Dial
      • Additional Applications
    • Feature Codes
      • Feature Codes with 3Com Telephones
        • 3Com Cordless Telephone
      • NBX Tones
      • Using Feature Codes
    • Telephone Installation and Maintenance
      • Selecting the Installation Location
      • Telephone Kit Contents
        • Connecting the Telephone Cords
      • Applying Power to the Base and Charging Units
      • Installing on the Wall
        • Installing the Base Unit on the Wall
        • Installing the Charging Unit on the Wall
      • Attaching the Beltclip to the Handset
      • Installing the Handset Battery Pack
        • 3Com 3106C
        • 3Com 3107C
      • Charging the Handset Battery Pack
      • Charging an Optional Spare Battery Pack (3Com 3107C)
      • Low Battery Indicator
      • Cleaning the Battery and Charging Unit Contacts
      • Moving Your Telephone
      • Swapping Telephones
      • Cleaning Your Telephone
      • Important Safety Instructions
        • Battery Precautions
        • Electrical and EMI Precautions
      • Troubleshooting Problems
      • Telephone Specifications
    • Index
    • FCC Class B Verification Statement
    • Industry Canada Notice

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